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David Gough - driven by a desire to build the future!

Growing up in London, I was always surrounded by tall buildings and iconic architectural pieces. I was just another city boy for whom these structural marvels were not very special—I passed by them every day and didn’t think twice about them.


In my 20s, however, I was suddenly struck by the actual magnitude of the construction industry. The immense manpower and money that a single building required to be built from scratch was truly astonishing. I started researching about famous buildings around the world and came across so many wonderful ones—The Burj Al Arab in Dubai being a wonderful example. These were the buildings of the future. The more I read, the more it pulled me in.


As I was still pursuing my bachelor’s degree in arts, I had the time to ponder over whether I really wanted to become an architect instead. I sat with my mentor first, and then with my dad. Both seemed enthusiastic about it, and so was I, so we decided that I would go ahead and do it. Long story short, a couple years of hard work, sleepless nights, hundreds of structural drawings, blueprints, and many internships later…I was officially an architect.


Currently, I work mostly as a consultant for architecture firms. I also work on my own designs on the side, and I’m trying to start a company of my own.

Why this blog?

I never considered myself much of a writer before, to be honest. This blog has encouraged me to create a great medium to share things—knowledge, advice, opinions, research, and much more. I was (and still am) an avid reader of both books and blogs. I believe that blogs are to the Internet what magazines are to the real world. A variety of topics can be explored here; nothing is off limits.

When it comes to speaking about my work and my industry, there’s a lot to say. From general contractors to project owners, to interns and students, there’s something new to be learned every day. Even for new homeowners, old homeowners, tenants, landlords, office building seekers, and general architecture enthusiasts…there’s a tonne of information to be read, understood, and discussed for everyone. And I hope to be doing a lot of that here.

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