Tips for Selling a Home with Pets

There is nothing greater in life than having a four-legged friend to share it with. But when it comes time for a change and you want to sell your home, doing so when pets have lived there can be a nightmare. While you may think that pets are like humans – with their personalities and needs – they don’t quite behave the same way regarding real estate. So, if you’re planning to move, there are a few things you can do to make selling a home with pets easier.

Firstly, keep in mind that opting for listing through flat fee mls oregon (or a similar multiple listing service near you) can significantly streamline the selling process. This approach not only provides cost-effective exposure to potential buyers but also allows you to highlight your home’s features without the distraction of traditional commission fees. Additionally, it’s crucial to minimize the presence of pets during showings and open houses. Potential buyers may have allergies or be uneasy around animals, so arranging for your pets to be temporarily off-site can create a more comfortable and neutral environment.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions, and there are several more strategies that you can adopt to make your house sale a smooth and successful sale.

Find a Sitter

Selling a home with pets can be difficult, but with some planning, you can set yourself up for success. Even though pets are a huge part of a family, they can be quite a hassle during the sales process. While there will be many people who don’t mind being in the company of pets, there will be others who are uncomfortable, especially during the house viewing. To ensure that everyone is happy, it may be in your best interest to find a sitter for your beloved animal who can take care of them while you show prospective buyers around your house. This can help to maximise your sale and get what you deserve from the move.

Eliminate Smells and Stains

Pets are so important to families; they are a big part of the story of many homes. When selling a home with pets, it’s important to understand that you need to show potential buyers that pets are part of the family and maintain a regular routine. This means cleaning up after your pet, not letting them roam the house freely, and eliminating smells and stains that they leave behind. Buyers need to imagine themselves in your home, and it may be hard to do so when all they can see is the mess left behind by your pet. So, a quick tidy before the viewing will definitely put you in good stead.

Eliminate Pests

It’s important to be aware that pets can attract pests like mice. Leaving pet food and water out can serve as a food source for rodents, prompting them to enter your home in search of sustenance. In such cases, considering the services of a mouse exterminator in Texas or your local area may be necessary. Moreover, pets, especially those spending time outdoors, can unintentionally introduce pests like fleas and ticks into your home. To mitigate these risks, ensure that pet food is stored securely, promptly clean up any spills or crumbs, and regularly inspect and clean your pet’s living areas. Maintaining a consistent pest control routine is also advisable to prevent infestations and safeguard both your pets and your home from unwanted intruders.

Clear Residual Fur

Most homes with pets have residual fur lying about in corners, vents, crawl spaces, and nooks and crannies. And these minuscule hair strands are mostly invisible to the naked eye. So, you’d want to clean up all those areas of the house that aren’t frequented often. For this task, you should call in the professionals as they will do a more thorough job. Perhaps ring up an agency that provides deep cleaning services in addition to a Dallas air duct cleaning company, should that be where you live. Once it is cleaned up, take measures to minimise the spread of shedding fur.

Fix the Damage

If you have ever bought a home before and found that the previous owners left a lot of damage, this could make you feel uncomfortable, especially if it is obvious. To avoid making others feel this way, when you sell your home, you should take the time to tour the house and make a note of anything that may have been damaged by your pets and otherwise and ensure it gets fixed before they move in. If they ask about it, put their mind at ease by telling them that you are getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Prepare the Exterior of Your House

When getting your house ready for sale, don’t overlook the importance of the exterior. Just as much as the interior, the outside of your home plays a crucial role in shaping potential buyers’ first impressions. To enhance curb appeal, start by maintaining well-groomed landscaping, including trimmed lawns, neatly manicured shrubs, and vibrant flowers. Address any visible exterior issues like peeling paint or cracked pathways. Consider adding welcoming touches such as a freshly painted front door, outdoor lighting, and a tidy porch or patio area. If needed, enlist the help of a handyman in Lynnfield or similar experts in your area, who can efficiently add to the curb appeal of your property. That said, remember, a well-presented exterior sets a positive tone for viewings and can greatly influence buyer interest and offers.

Enforce Scheduled Showings

You most likely want your house to sell fast if you have pets, as this can put a lot of strain on them and may make them feel uncomfortable if the process goes on for longer than it needs to. However, showing your home to strangers can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have more than one pet. While the call to “have your pets out of the way” may seem like a reasonable request, it isn’t always an option for some households. Though you want to make sure your house is as clean as possible, you also want to keep your pets calm so they’re not frightened by constant strangers walking through your house. So, try and schedule showings for times that allow your pets to be as calm as possible; which will benefit everyone in the long run.

Remove Signs of Your Pet

When selling a home, pet owners should remove their pets’ signs. Whether it’s your dog’s blissful expression or your cat’s ferocious stare, make sure to remove any pictures or signs related to your furry friends. While it may feel like you’re losing a part of your family, removing these objects is just part of preparing your home to sell. It will make your house more appealing to potential buyers and put your home ahead of the competition.

You brought your pet home with you for a reason, and you must keep them out of the way and out of sight while your home is being shown. Pets can be distracting to potential buyers, and the last thing you want is for them to be underfoot as they try to envision themselves living in your home. That’s why you must show your home with your and your family’s pets out of the way.

You will be glad that you did when your home sells.

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