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Constantly capturing changes in the construction sector, culminating in a future that looks high-rise.

who am I?

a passionate architect and part-time business consultant with a decade of experience in the construction industry. this blog is my personal take on all things related to urban spaces and lifestyles.

CONSTRUCTION - reveling in beautiful, functional structures

Do you have an interest in the wonders of construction, old and new? Well, this section is all about the construction of buildings and other industry-related topics. However, I also explore newer ways of design, both commercial and residential. I’m a big fan of merging natural structures with man-made ones (for example, plants and buildings). So take a look at what’s on offer…

INDUSTRY - innovation in large-scale enterprises

Industries all over the world are working towards transforming the way they work—through technology, through existing workforce empowerment, and through other innovative solutions. Catch a glimpse of everything that’s in the works, right in this section and explore the intricacies that make up various industries – transport, logistics, warehouse management and much more…

LIFESTYLE - how the urban landscape is changing

The age of industrialisation is still moving at full speed, and more people are discovering urban living than ever before. People are turning to a modern way of living and filling up our cities as more jobs are created there. More jobs mean more people which means the necessity for more well-designed spaces. The discovery of new styles, new technology, and new ideas make urban structures a perfect example of good modern living.

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